What is Perfil Bajo?

It is an interactive theatrical experience in public spaces. The main and only character is the spectator, who enhances reality until it’s synthesized in fiction. Through instructions received via SMS and WhatsApp, new sensations will be discovered while everyone ignores they are part of a custom-made piece.

Traditional Theatre

  • Performed in a theatre
  • Several spectators
  • Silence
  • Fixed and static
  • Cell phone off
  • Immobility
  • Passive
  • Defined number of actors
  • One-way communication

Perfil Bajo

  • Performed in a public space
  • One spectator
  • Noise
  • Custom-made
  • Cell phone on
  • Movement
  • Active, physical, interactive
  • Undefined number of actors
  • Two-way, reciprocal communication

Custom-made plays

Theatre is a stage that creates infinite fantasies and desires of those who dare to get on it. Because of that, we create custom-made theatrical experiences that adapt to any space or audience.


Peatonal Florida Circuit: Lunes y miércoles 13hs
Abasto Circuit: Sábados 16:30hs
Palermo Viejo Circuit: Sábados y Domingos 14hs

No. The experiencie is designed for only one spectator.

It lasts about 70 minutes..

A smartphone with 3G or 4G access and fully loaded battery.

Yes, we make custom-made plays for any space (when we say anywhere, is anywhere).



Paranoia is the result of the workshop done at Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM), where 20 artists were trained into the theory and practice to become directors of a Whatsapp theater experience. Paranoia was shown more than 250 times at GAM and was part of the Cielos del Infinito Festival.


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